//  Origin:  Czech Republic
//  Genres:  Jazz, Pop
//  Years Active:  2003- Present
//  Label: MK RECORDS
Short Bio

Michael Krásný is a Czech bass player, singer and music composer living in New York City possessed an uncommon affinity for the electric bass. His energetic and sensual playing electrifies audiences at premiere venues and events all over the countries of the world. His interwoven compositions integrates a wide variety of styles, including funk, rock, R&B, jazz, new wave, soul and pop. He combines consummate professionalism, a love of his music and an ongoing commitment to innovation to devise wonderful unforgettable music.



Set List


Tech Rider


Hospitality Rider


Label: MK Records 

Management: Karen Blanche | info@mysite.com

Booking: The Bookerz, Daniel Ku | info@mysite.com

PR: That Girl Pr, Sarah Brookstone | info@mysite.com

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